rising up kills

another risk was generations in the making there is nothing we can do. fires, nightmare scenarios flames that won't die out always behind us. the never-ending conflict, isolation and division this crisis exposes an ugly side. an intense war, deliberate, burns in places that normally don't see fire. worries don't translate. riven by grief, forgotten. … Continue reading rising up kills

She is Gone, And I Will Miss Her.

I have not much to say, but she was my friend and she is gone. And I will miss her. I began to miss her those years ago, watching this disease take my friend and turn her into a stranger. When you're young, it is impossible to comprehend the consequences, to fathom the future or … Continue reading She is Gone, And I Will Miss Her.

Please Do Not Feed the Fears

Hoping for some good news today and trying to starve those little suckers but my oh my aren't they always so ravenous? Always reaching for, nay, demanding, nourishment no matter how many times you stomp them down, screaming "I'M NOT GOING TO FEED YOU!". Well, here's to distraction, mundane chores, watching the news (somehow it … Continue reading Please Do Not Feed the Fears