Proud Daughter Moment

My mother Debra enjoys writing as well and has been publishing some of her work on Instagram – the text along with some artful elements in order to make it “Insta-worthy”.

One of her poems was noticed by a woman in England who reached out for permission to include it in a publication she has been working on. The “zine” (we must use the hip language of the Europeans here) is now in the works and a launch party being held in Brixton next week.

Sadly, we are in North Carolina and not the type of people who can hop on a trans-Atlantic flight on a whim so Debra won’t be able to attend. She has received an official invitation though which is pretty cool itself, so I wanted to share. There may be a video stream of the event available – if so I will share later.

Coming Soon…

I have completed two additional articles for Carolina Shore which will be featured in the spring/summer 2019 issue. This should be published in early May.

One of the articles explores the Green Book. While it mentions the 2018 film briefly, it is more focused on the Green Book itself, how it was used, and sites in eastern NC. Doing the research for this article was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in quite some time and I am hoping to write a larger piece on a related topic using some of the information I gathered throughout my research that wasn’t directly related to my assignment.

The second article is a vignette piece which allowed me to interview five local businesses heavily affected by Hurricane Florence. Our area was hit hard by the storm in September 2018 and many people are still displaced from their homes and many businesses still unable to reopen. It was important for me to be able to talk to different people not only because the hurricane hit me on such a personal level but to be able to tell the story of the storm from different perspectives.

Both articles will be published on this site as soon as the magazine is printed.

The Night Sky

For this piece, I had the pleasure of meeting with a local astronomy club called the Crystal Coast Stargazers. I found them to be truly enthusiastic about all things astronomy and a very knowledgeable group of people.

They have a formal meeting once a month but go out on viewing excursions whenever the weather allows, setting up their telescopes and cameras to enjoy the sky themselves or allow others to see nature’s wonders up close for the first time. Some of the members have special cameras and lenses they attach to their telescopes allowing them to capture breathtaking photos as seen in the article.

The club is a member of the Nigh Sky Network which allows them access to NASA materials for their own use as well as training other amateurs new to the hobby. They were truly a wonderful group to meet and from just one meeting, it was easy to see they were more like a small family than a club.

Read the full article here:

The Bone Keeper

This story explores Bonehenge, a marine mammal conservation center in Beaufort, NC. I spent time with Keith Rittmaster, a local marine scientist, who was spearheading the project. At the time of our interview (July 2018), he was working out of a small trailer at the site of the new building. The trailer was being used as both his office space and storage for his thousands of artifacts including the pieces of the whale skeleton that was intended to be displayed from the ceiling of Bonehenge once it was complete.

To date, the center hasn’t quite yet opened but is very close. It was a wonderful experience getting to know Mr. Rittmaster as well as learning about the marine mammals in our area, the dangers they face due to human pollution and what Rittmaster and others like him are doing to try to lessen the potential negative impact humans have on the dozens of species that call the Crystal Coast home.

Read the full article here:

Finding Atlantis

This article explores the oldest hotel in Pine Knoll Shores, one of the small towns located on Bogue Banks.

Bogue Banks is the small barrier island located along the Crystal Coast of North Carolina which is also home to Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle and Indian Beach.

Having been born and raised in Atlantic Beach myself (and being a 3rd generation Carteret County native), it was exciting to learn not only about the hotel but the history of Pine Knoll Shores from members of the Hall family who founded the hotel.

This article reawakened in me my love for history and historical research that had been somewhat dormant for years. I find it to be a special thing when the project you’re working on gives something back to you – this was one that certainly did that for me.

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