Keep it Local

My wonderful friend Taylor McCune has started a news media outlet, The Eastern Beacon, here in Carteret County. It focuses on Beaufort and areas east, a traditionally under-covered section of the county when it comes to news and other issues.

To keep my writer juices (I’m not sure I like how that sounds but I’m no creative writer) flowing, she asked me to help out with an article discussing the Olde Beaufort Farmer’s Market which is held on Saturday’s through November on the courthouse square.

Since I’ve moved back to the area, I’ve regained an appreciation for all things local and both the Eastern Beacon and the Olde Beaufort Farmer’s market are no exception.

I’m not going to steal from the Friendly Market’s (another wonderful local business with delicious food) slogan BUT I’m going to add to it: Eat. Shop. Live. READ. Local.

Just as local shops, businesses and restaurants need our support, so does local media.

Read the full article on the Olde Beaufort Farmer’s Market here.

Good for the Soul

Lately I have taken to going for long walks on a nature trail in Atlantic Beach. Besides the great exercise (its roughly 3.5 miles round trip and quite hilly in places), I’ve found it’s an excellent place to clear my mind or to let my thoughts wander wherever they need to go.

I don’t know if it’s the isolation created by my headphones, the distraction of having to focus on my body movements or just the enjoyment of a new (to me) little spot hidden right in my hometown, but it’s become my therapy a few times every week.

Yesterday instead of doing the full loop of the trail, I did half of it and then decided to walk on the beach back towards where I parked. This early in the year the beach isn’t crowded and it was one of those weather days that may as well have been a painting.

I wasn’t going to stop for a picture, thinking I have hundreds just like this, but then thought “Why should that matter? I enjoy looking back at these”. I hope you enjoy them too. Take the walk, take the picture, even if you’ve taken both 100 times before.

Finding Atlantis


This article explores the oldest hotel in Pine Knoll Shores, one of the small towns located on Bogue Banks.

Bogue Banks is the small barrier island located along the Crystal Coast of North Carolina which is also home to Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle and Indian Beach.

Having been born and raised in Atlantic Beach myself (and being a 3rd generation Carteret County native), it was exciting to learn not only about the hotel but the history of Pine Knoll Shores from members of the Hall family who founded the hotel.

This article reawakened in me my love for history and historical research that had been somewhat dormant for years. I find it to be a special thing when the project you’re working on gives something back to you – this was one that certainly did that for me.

Read the full article here: