Keep it Local

My wonderful friend Taylor McCune has started a news media outlet, The Eastern Beacon, here in Carteret County. It focuses on Beaufort and areas east, a traditionally under-covered section of the county when it comes to news and other issues.

To keep my writer juices (I’m not sure I like how that sounds but I’m no creative writer) flowing, she asked me to help out with an article discussing the Olde Beaufort Farmer’s Market which is held on Saturday’s through November on the courthouse square.

Since I’ve moved back to the area, I’ve regained an appreciation for all things local and both the Eastern Beacon and the Olde Beaufort Farmer’s market are no exception.

I’m not going to steal from the Friendly Market’s (another wonderful local business with delicious food) slogan BUT I’m going to add to it: Eat. Shop. Live. READ. Local.

Just as local shops, businesses and restaurants need our support, so does local media.

Read the full article on the Olde Beaufort Farmer’s Market here.

Proud Daughter Moment

My mother Debra enjoys writing as well and has been publishing some of her work on Instagram – the text along with some artful elements in order to make it “Insta-worthy”.

One of her poems was noticed by a woman in England who reached out for permission to include it in a publication she has been working on. The “zine” (we must use the hip language of the Europeans here) is now in the works and a launch party being held in Brixton next week.

Sadly, we are in North Carolina and not the type of people who can hop on a trans-Atlantic flight on a whim so Debra won’t be able to attend. She has received an official invitation though which is pretty cool itself, so I wanted to share. There may be a video stream of the event available – if so I will share later.